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detecting asbestos

Insulation, plaster, roof shingles, textured ceilings, flooring, register vents and duct wrap can all be materials that asbestos can be found. To avoid disruption of asbestos materials which can cause hazardous fibres to be released into the air, contact WINMAR® Markham if you suspect asbestos on your property.

To ensure your property and its occupants are safe from cross contamination, WINMAR® Markham deploys professionals that are highly trained, certified and insured to conduct on-site inspections, process, contain the affected areas, safely remove and dispose of all materials containing asbestos.

WINMAR® Markham technicians spray the materials containing asbestos with a binding agent, at the beginning and throughout the removal process, to ensure there are no particles that can become airborne. The materials to be removed are disposed of into poly bags and sealed, airtight. During the entire process, air scrubbing machines with HEPA filtration systems are run as a measure to mitigate any particles that may have already been in the air.

Avoid disrupting asbestos fibres, once you suspect the hazard, to prevent them from becoming airborne and possibly ingested. For certified asbestos abatement projects and in some instances, transferable certifications to new home buyers, rely on WINMAR® Markham.

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